Xenica Upgrade Instructions

upgrade to Xenica 3.2

1. Take backup for your old files and DB

2. Download Xenica package from your WHMCS download section, Here, depends on your PHP version.

3. extract the downloaded file , you will find a 'WHMCS' directory there, that's our important files.

4. you need to Replace All files on your installed whmcs with the new files in this 'WHMCS' folder,
the remote files path will be: whmcs_path/modules/servers/Xenica and whmcs_path/modules/addons/xenica .

- remove those folders from the old installation (not used anymore):
'install', 'lib', 'kickstarts'. (on whmcs_path/modules/servers/Xenica)

5. now to update Xenica DB and perform some required changes, please Visit once your Xenica addon page: from WHMCS menu go to Addons > Xenica , on the top you must find a notice to update your db with a red button says 'Update to Version 3.2' , please proceed with the db Update form by clicking the Button, notice any error messages.

For Older Release's:

To upgrade to Xenica 3.1 you will need to follow the following steps

1.Take backup for your mysql DB to save your IPs data and configs

2. Remove the old CitrixXen folder in WHMCS_PATH/modules/servers/CitrixXen (or put it somewhere out of the modules directory)

3. Download Xenica package from your WHMCS download section .

4. Upload the new files to your WHMCS modules folder (check the ownership and permissions too).

5. Install the new xenica addon from WHMCS menu:(setup > addon modules)

6. Visit Xenica addon now from WHMCS menu: (Addons > Xenica) , and complette the Update wizard from there .

7. Remember to replace your old CronJob in WHMCS Server to :

10 * * * * /usr/bin/php -q YOUR_WHMCS_PATH/modules/servers/Xenica/cron/cron.php

8. There is no need to any cronjobs on your XenServers (if you have any just remove )

9. Disable both (Servarica_Configurations,Servarica_IP_Manager)addons and then you can remove the old (Servarica_Configurations,Servarica_IP_Manager) folders from /var/www/html/whmcs/modules/addons

To upgrade to Xenica 2 you will need to follow the following steps

1. Extract the module zip file to any folder in your server lets say on /root

2. Replace the files in YOURWHMCSFOLDER/modules/serversCitrixXen folder with the new files in xenica/CitrixXen folder that you you just extracted

3. Remove /modules/admin/Servarica_Ip_Manager folder and the files

4. Put the folder Servarica_Ip_Manager in /modules/addons/

5. Put the folder Servarica_Configurations in /modules/addons/Servarica_Configurations

6. Make sure the permissions are correct for all replaced and new files by comparing with other files already there

7. Activate the ip manager module like an addon module

8. Active Servarica Configuration module as any addon module

9. Now open config.php file located at modules/servers/CitrixXen/config.php

10. Copy the values manually from the file to the configuration module from modules → servarica module

11. After you are done copying save the changes

12. Now delete old config.php file and rename the file config.php.orig to config.php

rm config.php
mv config.php.orig config.php
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