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Xenica IP Manager

Setting up Xenica IP Manager

We have a dedicated IP manager to manage all IP related tasks like

  • Assigning IPs to the VM
  • Maintaining IP records assigned to the user
  • Displaying IP availability status
  • Ability to add/remove multiple IPs
  • Filter IPs based on user names,NOC and IP availability

and so many features.

You can access the IP manager by WHMCS Addons → Xenica and Select IP Manager

We have a Concept of NOC/Datacenter in our IP manager, in which IPs are Allotted based on NOC Were you can have multiple servers on a same NOC/DC i.e (If you need some servers to use completely different set of IPs, you can simply change its NOC/DC to Some other name By Default all Servers will be added to (Default) NOC

You Can edit the NOC of the Server by accessing WHMCS Setup → Products/Services → Servers and

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