Xenica IP Manager

Setting up Xenica IP Manager

We have a dedicated IP manager to manage all IP related tasks like

  • Assigning IPs to the VM automatically on provision
  • Maintaining IP records assigned to the user
  • Displaying IP availability status
  • Ability to add/remove multiple IPs
  • Filter IPs based on user names,NOC and IP availability

and so many features.

You can access the IP manager by WHMCS Addons → Xenica and Select IP Manager

We have a Concept of Datacenter/NOC in our IP manager, in which IPs are Allotted based on NOC

Where you can have multiple servers on a different Datacenters (NOCs), and each NOC have its different IP range. and you still need to control all of that from the same WHMCS .

i.e : If you need some servers to use completely different set of IPs, like when it is located on different Data Center,
you can simply change those server's 'Datacenter/NOC' field to Some other name, the same name will be used exactly for a range of IPs on the IP Manager , so VMs created on those servers will use only those suitable IPs based on their 'Datacenter/NOC' Field value.

IPs always filtered based on 'Datacenter/NOC' Value of the used server,
if no value specified on the server NOC/DC field (empty), then it is called the Default NOC.
By Default all Servers will be added to (Default) NOC Set of IPs Unless you change that value manually.

You Can edit the NOC of the Server by accessing WHMCS Setup → Products/Services → Servers

Click Edit on the left Corner Server Which you want to change the NOC

Add the NOC/Data center name and save the Changes

You can add 1 or more IP(s) to the Xenica IP manager

If you want to add a Range of IPs Select

WHMCS Addons → Xenica → IP manager → Click on the Add Range button

  • Select the Data center/NOC where you want to use these IPs or you can leave it as Default
  • Enter the First IP address and last IP address,Last IP address, Submask, Broadcast and Gateway, then click Add IP Range

If you want to add 1 or more IPs with different range Select the number of IPs you want to add and Click on More IP(s)

From there you can add 1 or more IPs with different range

Adding Single IP

Adding multiple IPs

After you added the IPs, you can see the IPs as shown below.

Form here you can Verify

  • VM name which the IP(s) assigned to
  • Availability of the IP(s)
  • Data Center of the IP(S)

If you want to delete 1 or more IP(s), Select the Check Box on the right corner and Click Update IPs Data

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