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 +**Let the power of WHMCS and XenServer work for and your customers**
 +If you run a VPS hosting company then you can understand the need to let the customers have  as much control over their VPS as possible. A lot of times the customer needs action fast from your staff when a server locks up or a project is coming due, but they just destroyed the operating system. This module allows your customers more control then ever, and right from the client page of WHMCS. This module provides complete life cycle management of your customers VPS from time of setup to time of termination.
 +====== Key Features ======
 +  * Provision new VPS (CentOs,​Debian and ubuntu)(Fedora and Redhat should be supported but not tested)
 +  * Terminate VPS
 +  * Suspend VPS
 +  * Detect VM power state (running or shutdown)
 +  * Show how long the VM has been running
 +  * Boot, Restart, Shutdown VM
 +  * Command history
 +  * IP addresses management
 +  * Bandwidth Billing
 +  * Bandwidth Usage Graphs and Total Bandwidth summary.
 +  * Full utilization of XenAPI which results in :
 +      * More Security : no extra services running on Xen machine
 +      * Lightweight on the server
 +      * More stability : stability of the module is the same as XenApi stability
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