What is Xenica and It's features?

Please check, https://xenmodule.com/

Can I get a free trial before I start using your Xen Module?

Yes you can get 1 month free trail, just put the following promotion code in the order page - SWXSMFT

Is it compatible with XenServer 7,6 and WHMCS 5.x?

Yes, it is compatible with all of them.

Is it compatible with XCP-ng

Yes, it is compatible.

Do you Support Windows VMs ?

yes :)

Can I instantly test your product without manual installing and configuration of Xenica?

Yes, You can utilize the pre-built template from our welcome email. Using which you can instantly import in your xenserver and test it. One important requirement is you get dev / test license from whmcs.

Can I add more than 1 server for Xenica or As pool?

Yes, You can have multiple servers and multiple pool with our xenica single license. 1 license per WHMCS.

When clients chose password for a new product while buying, the password changes after creating the VM!

Yes, its very important for your clients Security. every time a vm recreated it will get a new random password. Also the user/admin get an option in their client area to change the password as they prefer.

Does Xenica support expansion of Disk/CPU/RAM whenever client asks for?

Yes, Xenica can do that with a simple reboot, also the expanded disk mount automatically using our templates.

What are the features of improved IP manager?

Please refer below:


Do you support snaptshot backups?

Yes, Xenica does support managing snapshot backups, also gives admin control to enable/disable this function on client area.

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