Graph/Status Instructions

Graph/Status is a useful functionality

- to make Graph/Status work you need to make sure that RRDtool is installed , follow RRDtool install instructions

- if you got problems please make sure that apache can write to whmcs/modules/servers/Xenica/rrds folder , (check owner and permissions)

- if you get rrd file not exist , that mean the system can't generate rrd file , the most common cause for this is :

  • the rrds folder is not writable.
  • the files owner is not accessible by apache.
  • the rrdtool itself is not working properly on your machine (your WHMCS VPS).
  • the RRDTOOL path on Xenica configs is wrong:

the default path for rrdtools is /usr/bin/ but in some cases it maybe different ,

if you have Cpanel the default location in this case will be: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/

to change that go to addons > Xenica > configuration and set the right XENICA RRD PATH

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