to enable debugging mode :

- from Xenica > configurations Tab , check 'DEBUG ENABLED' and save

- then you can notice any errors on Xenica log file : whmcs_path/modules/servers/Xenica/xenica.log

- and you can see debug data directly from WHMCS module logging

go to utilities > log > module log , then make sure to “enable debug logging”

then when you visit Xenica addon you will get some useful info on WHMCS module logging

for more control on debuging/errors you can edit the debug mode level on Xenica confog file :


you will find :

define("xenica_Debug_mode", "2");
/* Debug Mode :
you will need to activate DEBUG_ENABLED first (from Xenica Configurations Tab ).
0 : disable debug/error reporting
1 : log errors to xenica.log file Only.
2 : display errors at the top of page (and log to xenica.log).
3 : display full details and stop execution after the error message (and log to xenica.log). 
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