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That Allows Overriding the Product module setting by using PreDefined configurable options, every VM can be fully Customized separately either by Clients when ordering the product from order page , or from Admin Area .

changing the Configoptions values from Admin Area will affect only this vm , so you can customize vm specs and setting as needed without changing the default product setting that affect all users .

you can disable overriding ConfigOption values from the product module setting 'Override product setting' option.

Allowed Configoptions Variables:

'IPv4 Count' 'IPv6 Count' 'Extra IPs' for backward compatibility only (will add the IPs to the max of ipv4, ipv6)

'Bandwidth' 'Virtual CPUs' 'Disk Size' 'Memory Size'


'Max Snaps'

and off curse the 'Operating System' configoption which is necessary ant not affected by the 'Override product setting' option.

how to use configurable options to override product setting :

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