changing VM Name Pattern

You can change VM name Pattern, the name will be auto generated by Xenica when creating a new VM,
VM name will be saved in WHMCS 'user name' filed (shown in admin Area) .

To define how xenica will name the new created VMs:

from config.php file (in whmcs/modules/servers/Xenica/)

you will find this line:

define("xenica_VM_NamePatern", "[firstname][serviceid]"); 

you can change the pattern from here , the default value is user first name followed by WHMCS service id for this order, like 'user26'

- you can use any of those variables on your string : [serviceid] [firstname] [lastname] [userid] [serverid] [domain] ,

define("xenica_VM_NamePatern", "serv_[userid]_[serviceid]"); 

- NO Spaces , NO special chars Allowed !

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