VM Change Disk Size

You can change VM Disk Size from your admin panel .

  • Current XenServer Version doesn't allow Size shrinking for now , so you can only enlarge the size.
  • Remember that this command will reboot your vm
  • If you want to change disk size, please put the new entire size disk size including the size you want to extend.
  • For Example if the disk size is 30 GB, you want to add 10 GB, put the whole disk size 40GB (Converted into 40960 MB) in the text box as shown below.

After increasing your VM disk size , a new unallocated area will be added to this vm Disk , our xenicastart script on your VM will automatically expand the default disk with this extra space after automatic reboot.

if for any reason this mechanism is not worked perfectly , you still can allocated it manually either by adding it to an existing drive or to create a new drive for it :

Windows VMs :

From vm control panel > administrative tools > computer management > Disk management you will find the unallocated part , from here you can create as new drive or you can expand the previous drive with its space :

Linux VMs :

  • Use fdisk utility to delete the last partition and create a new partition. (This will only expand the last ext partition)
  • If you have used customized partitioning rather than our default scheme or LVM based partitioning, You can automate the expansion by changing this specific part below on xenicastart.sh

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